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Libby's petsitting profile.
Wollongong west anytime casual pet sitting job wanted NSW
Age: 16 years.

Libby has the following : references, a first aid certificate, a car,

Skills : I am quite experienced with animals. I have three dogs at home who love being walked. Three cats who love cuddles. I also have birds, chickens, ducks and fish. I have had rabs, turtles and ponies as well.

General Comment : I can work weekends and evenings. Evenings - 4pm-8pm Weekends - 10am-8pm $10-$15 am hour

Languages Spoken : I speak English

Libby is a petsitter and needs a wollongong west petsitting job in NSW. Libby has listed as a Illawarra and Wollongong petsitter looking for petsitting jobs in wollongong west Illawarra and Wollongong NSW

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